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My name is Mark and I’m in the process of obtaining my bachelor’s degree (Freshman) before attending flight school. ATP flight school seems to me right now the route I’m going to take after completing my degree. During high school I worked on my private license and just have to pass my tests in order to obtain my certificate. My question is what is the approximate price for all of training up until the CFI job you are guaranteed? I’m wondering because I’m trying to find ways to save as much money as I can while earning my degree. Thank you for your time.



As stated on the ATP website, if you start the program WITH your PPL the cost is either $50,995 for the 40hr Multi or $60,995 for the 100hr Multi (if you plan to instruct for ATP the 40hr is recommended since you’ll build additional time Multi time instructing). That btw ARE the prices and they’re guaranteed, not approximate. The price includes everything except your required equipment (headset, iPad, etc) and examiner’s fees (approx. $6600). Just keep in mind to start with your PPL you’ll need a minimum of 80hrs tt.


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Hey Mark,

First of all, let’s clarify what you mean by “…just have to pass my tests…”. If that means that you just need to take the checkride, then make sure you do that as soon as you can, you don’t want all the hard work you put into flying to slowly get away from you before you take the checkride. Now if you are talking about the written exam, then I’d recommend waiting on it until you actually start training again. The score report is only valid for 2 years and since you are a freshman right now, it wont count when you will need it in 3-4 years.

Now with regards to flight training costs, ATP specializes in a fixed cost program. You can see the different programs here (scroll about half-way down the page and you will see a comparison table). The details of each program have been dissected in a few posts (post #1, post #2) so you can read through and get an idea of what to expect from each.
Extra costs on top of these prices are going to be:
Flight gear - ranges from $200-$2000 depending on the equipment you decide to to get.
Checkride fees - about $800 per checkride (8 in total including private)
Housing fees - ~$5200 for ATP student housing option
iPad apps - $100-$150 (you can get Foreflight for free. Check this out for details

Let us know if you have any other questions.


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Hello im a begineer in this website, can i asked about how can i build my hrs and where do i started or step to improve my knowledge about as a pilot? Im from the Philippines. And I’m a permanent resident of Canada and i lived in Ottawa. Thank you and I appriciated.!!!


There’s ton’s of information about becoming a pilot on the internet, including this forum. Unfortunately while it’s close by I’m not that familiar with the training or licensing in Canada.


Quoted from the ATP website:

“You will be required to travel to either Atlanta, Dallas, Jacksonville, or Phoenix to attend CFI Academy for five weeks.”

I was wondering if the housing for this was also included in the fixed rates, or if this was a hidden fee.

(I am planning on attending an ATP location near my house, so I will not be adding the housing option)

Thank you.



Anytime during your program you’re sent to another location (CFI school, crew phase, etc) housing will be provided by ATP at no cost. ATP doesn’t do “hidden fees”.


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Thank you for the fast reply and useful information!


Yes, the housing for those trips will be provided, along with any transportation expenses.