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Hello all, I am 20 years old and about to complete my associates degree and plan on attending ATP in fall of 2017… As I am browsing over different loans to acquire to cover the cost of school I am wondering how much it will actually cost in at the end of everything. (being training and school, or until hired as a CFI) I noticed that there are extra fees and costs added to the 74K for the Airline Career Pilot Program… I was wondering if any of you whom have already completed this phase could give me a ball park of finalized cost?

Also, I was wanting to find out if once hired as a CFI, I am to pay for the use of the aircraft or If there are any other fees/ cost associated with being a CFI?

I would GREATLY appreciate it!

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Hi Austin,

OK a few things here. While it’s been a while since I completed the program, the extra costs really haven’t changed that much. First though the $74k price is for the 100 hr multi course. While this is a fine program but it’s really designed for pilots who aren’t planning on instructing for ATP when they’re done with training since multi time is hard to come by. BUT if you are planning on instructing for ATP I’d recommend you look at the 40hr ME program. You’ll build plenty of ME time while instructing AND you’ll save $10K. As for costs above that the only are examiner fees (which are paid directly to the examiner and may vary depending on the examiner) but they average around $4800 and the required hardware (headset, iPad, etc). The good news is that’s all there is. Honestly when I went through the program I kept waiting for the “btw…” and there weren’t any.

As an instructor there are no charges past on to you. Once you complete training you’ll be a “professional” which means now YOU get paid vs paying.



Is there any way to reduce the cost? $64k just seems it would be to expensive for me. Is there any other options if you can’t pay $64k?



Unfortunately the answer is no. Flight training is expensive. Airplanes are expensive to purchase and burn fuel, oil and require strict maintenance at regular and frequent intervals. Instructors need to be paid, as I certain you’d like to be when it’s your turn to build time and of course ATP itself is a business. They have expenses (rent, administration, utilities, etc) and of course they’re not a charity and would like to make a few dollars as well. If you break down the cost per flight hour and what you’re receiving it’s actually very reasonable. The good news is there are loans available to help to those who qualify.



There is no way to reduce the upfront cost, but do keep in mind that ATP partners with several different airlines to offer Tuition Reimbursement. This program can help reduce your loan payments by up to $500 per month for two years. Check out the “Airline Sponsorship” tab of ATP’s website for the details on this.

Taking a $500 per month chunk out of your loan payments is a big deal and can really easy the loan burden.