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Planning on starting in late May at the ATP IWA campus. It seems like the amount of students/instructors is fairly high. Curious what the chances are of being hired as a CFI at this same location. Also, I am doing a fair amount of instrument self-study these days and have started to prep for some of the writtens: commercial, instrument, FOI. Does ATP give students access to written test prep software? I’ve heard some students say they used Sheppard Air for written prep, but this seems to imply that ATP does not provide students with this material.

Jonah Wessel


It is hard to say what your chances of getting to instruct at a particular location are as so much of it depends on people leaving for the airlines. I would say that if you are trying to get into a location that has plenty of students and instructors that certainly bodes better than trying to get into a small location.

ATP does give you access to the Sheppard Air training program for your written exams once you have placed a deposit down for your training program. Before you take the Instrument written and the CFI written make sure that you check in here. If you take two additional tests that cover the exact same material you can get your Advanced Ground Instructor certificate. While not necessary, the AGI is a good thing to put on your resume and can eventually lead to you being a “gold seal” CFI, another resume builder.

Good questions.


Hey Jonah,

IWA has been very easy to get in to during the period of time that I spent there (last 2 years or so).
The busy season starts in September when the academic year begins at ASU and there is always a huge need for instructors around that time of year. So if you are planning on starting the program in May, and it seems like you are coming in with your PPL, you should be starting instructing right around September-October.

With regards to Sheppard Air, the new program includes within it the cost of IRA, CAX, FIA, FII and FOI written prep courses, so you don’t have to worry about that.


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Ok. I know that ATP preps you for the FOI, FIA, and FII. What additional tests would be needed for the Advanced Ground Instructor Cert? I assume these tests would be paid for out of pocket.


Yes your assumption would be correct. In order to become a ground instructor, you need to successfully pass the FOI written, and also pass one of the ground instructor written exams (IGI, BGI or AGI, each obviously granting different privileges), and this is not included in the fast track program as it is not required.
The only purpose of doing so though, would be to qualify for a “Gold Seal”. To qualify, you must maintain an 80% pass/fail rate on initial student recommendations (minimum of 10 recommendations), and also hold a ground instructor certificate (AGI or IGI, Basic does not qualify).



To get your AGI you simply need take the AGI Written Exam, which is essentially the same test as the FIA (Flight Instructor Airplane) then take the results down to the local FSDO and they’ll issue you a Certificate… To get your IGI it’s the same deal (IGI exam is the same as the Instrument writtens). Either one can then be used to earn you Gold Seal CFI combined with a 80% pass rate by your students.

The extra writtens are on you to pay for since neither is ever required. As Chris said they’re great resume builders and also helped me get Instructor positions at both the airlines I’ve flown for.