Written Exams Before Starting

I am going to likely be starting at ATP PHX, AZ in early June 2017. My loan will be official in January and I would assume that I will have free access to Sheppard Air at this point for the FAA writtens. My question is whether or not I would need endorsements to take these tests in my home state of Ohio. I know of a few CATS centers near me, but I know I can’t just walk in and take them without some sort of verification. From what I have heard, ATP pays for these tests, so I assume I could keep a record and have them reimburse the costs.

Hi Jonah,

Yes once you set a class date and the monies are all approved and cleared you’ll have access to the Sheppard Air software. If you take the exams prior (which I do recommend) save your receipts and ATP will reimburse you. You can get the test endorsements from Sheppard Air by sending them your info and a copy of a completed practice test with a score of over 90%. Cool?


Sounds good man,
I definitely would like to knock out all the writtens out before starting. Would you think it is realistic and recommended to do the CFI/FOI writtens as well beforehand? I’m pretty good with the rote aspect of memorization. :slight_smile:


The more the merrier. One less thing to deal with is always beneficial.