CFI Position ASU International student

Let me start with my situation. I am an international student currently enrolled in ASU professional flight program, and I just passed my CFI initial checkride! Starting my CFI-I training soon, followed by MEI training.
I am on my F-1 VISA right now, and it allows me to work full-time before graduation (Curricular Practical Training) and 3 years of full-time work authority (Optional Practical Training) after graduation from ASU. This work authorization does not need to be sponsored by ATP, I just have to do some paperwork with ASU.

My questions are:

  • Will I get an opportunity to be hired at ATP as a flight instructor after completing all training?

  • Based on my understanding, the ASU program with ATP is a different program from the Airline Career Pilot Program. So ASU program graduates will not be offered a guaranteed job?

I already asked pretty much every faculty member in ATP IWA location, and also emailed the regional director, but I was told sounds like it should work, or not sure. I know there were a few international students who trained through ASU program with ATP, but all of them quit training in private or at instrument stage, so I have nobody to ask about it.

I apologize that I didn’t mean to go on so long, but thank you for your time, and appreciate any answers!


I would contact ATP admin as I think they’re the only ones who could give you an accurate answer. That said I believe(?) the answer is no. The reason is while you’re are licensed and rated, ATP wants instructors teaching the Airline Career Pilot Program who have actually been through and are familiar with the program. However (again) I could be wrong and suggest you contact ATP directly.

For the record ATP doesn’t guarantee instructor jobs to ANY grads. These positions are highly coveted and must be earned.


Dear Adam,
Thank you for your reply!
I would like to ask ATP admin, but I’m not sure where to find their email or phone number.
I have looked up the Contacts page in my extranet, and already emailed and called Instructor Hiring department 3 weeks ago. (No reply yet)

Thank you for your time.


(904) 595-7950


Thank you very much!
I will contact them and find out.
Appreciate your help!