ATP Long Sleeve Policy

Hi, I am doing my intro flight on Saturday and I am excited to complete this and begin the program shortly after. I have a question regarding the dress code that I wasn’t able to find in the policy or by searching. I have tattoos on my forearms, and understand that I will be wearing long sleeves with the airlines, God willing that I am able to make it that far. I was wondering if there was any policy against wearing a white long sleeve undershirt while training with ATP so I can prepare, as well as maintain a professional look? Thanks,


I don’t see this being an issue.

Keep in mind that at many airlines, you won’t just be wearing the long sleeves, you will also be wearing a hat and jacket year round as those are often required to be worn when the long sleeves are.

You might want to look into removal options.


Many of the students at my location have visible tattoos and just wearing the ATP required uniform and grooming standards is all you need to worry about.

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For now…


Thanks everyone.

Chris, I have looked into that option and actually have had laser treatments done already to remove the one from my hand. It is quite expensive to do so, so the amount I’d need to remove the ones from my forearms would take me a while to be able to spare that kind of change, so it’ll have to be long sleeves for the short term. Long term I will be having them removed.

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I’m not promoting this, but I’ve seen pilots with forearm tattoos wear compression sleeves. Usually just to cover the tattoo(s) they have on one arm. They’re not authorized uniform pieces. So, don’t count on it. I don’t know how well this would fly at every airline.