Admissions Question

Hello all,
So, I know ATP isn’t really an option unless you have a situation where you can devote 100% of your time to flight training. Which is something I’ll be able to hopefully arrange in the near future. That being said, I’m currently finishing my PPL, and the school I’m attending is very flexible with my work schedule. Until I’m able to get my LOA from work, I want to keep going…Instrument, and depending on the timeframe, even Commercial. Am I able to join ATP at any rating status? For instance, midway through Commercial? Or even post-Commercial? Any insight would be much appreciated.

Hi Benjamin!

Traditionally, ATP allows pilots to join the program with a PPL and 78+ hours. Any ratings beyond that don’t allow you to join beyond Private.

However, ATP recently began making some changes to this, but I am not sure if they are still allowing students to be credited for their Instrument rating or Commercial certificate.

Speak directly with Admin on Monday for a straight answer.



As Tory said ATP has started creating custom programs for people in various stages of their training. That said there is a point where it really doesn’t make sense to switch schools and I’m thinking halfway through your CPL would be flirting with that.

Again as Tory said you’d need to speak with ATP admin, but I can tell you if your thoughts are to do the bulk of your training elsewhere and then come in at the end to try and secure an instructor position and participate in some of the airline partnerships ATP has that’s not probably going to happen.