ATP study advice

I am a future student of ATP once I graduate from Oklahoma State in May. I was curious if anyone had any formulated scheduled studying plans for the fast pace of ATP. I like to be very organized when I go through school courses and was hoping someone might’ve already figured out a solid plan that would help keep me on track for fast pace success.


Welcome to the forum, we recommend reviewing the FAQs on the forum and checking out the Student Experiences section as there is lots of tips/advice/timeline prospectus.

If you haven’t already, you will need to take an Admissions Flight before you can enroll a start date. Admissions Flights are good for 12 months. Once you have a start date, since you’re looking for a start date late Spring/early Summer, you could theoretically start studying for your Airmen Knowledge Tests and completing as many as possible (you are not required to have them done prior to starting, but it’s great to always stay ahead). ATP is a fast-paced program, everything will be laid out Day 1 for what is to be expected. There will be times when you may fall a few days behind and that could be out of anyone’s control, but it’s up to your training center staff to keep you on target.



The ATP curriculum is very well organized and communicated between both the students and the instructors. When you get your start date, you will have access to your online student extranet. That portal shows your timeline from day 1 to program completion and everything that’s expected from you to complete along the way. Each day you’ll check in there and complete the required study modules, prep for flight and study for the upcoming written exam. You can always so what’s coming ahead and plan accordingly.