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Few Questions

Hello all:

As you may recall, I had to stop my flight training at ATP awhile back near the end of the instrument phase due to a family emergency. I am planning on starting back up in the next 12-16 months and am excited, but have a couple questions:

-I’d like to start getting the writtens out of the way. I know they are good for 2 years, so I’ll start studying now and will wait a couple months before I start taking them to ensure they don’t expire. What is the process for getting the study software and getting signoffs for the writtens from ATP?

-I am planning on paying for the training out of pocket. Does that mean that any tuition reimbursement payments will come directly to me?

-When I left ATP, I was in the 100ME program. Thinking about it more, I’ll probably come back in the 40ME program with credit for private to save some money (I plan on instructing for ATP). Since I already have my AMEL rating, I assume my multi-engine checkride would just consist of some instrument approaches? I know the sequence of training is a little different between the 100ME and 40ME programs.

Thanks as always for the help!


Good to hear you’ll be able to return to training.

  1. As you say the writtens expire after 24 mos and you’re projecting returning in 12-16. Not trying to be negative but 16 could easily become 18, 24 or more. I’d really wait till you know for certain before taking them. ATP will provide you with access to the Sheppard Air study courses once you schedule your start and pay your deposit. Sheppard will give you the sign offs when you send them completed practice exams with scores over 90.

  2. Regardless of whether you finance or not the Tuition Reimbursement will come directly to you.

  3. Sounds about right but I’d speak with ATP directly for the exact program details.


Thanks Adam! I’m going to start studying now to get back into the habit but will hold off on scheduling the writtens until I’m sure on my start date. All the best!