Aussie quals conversion and job possibilities

I currently have an Australian Commercial licence with over 7000 hours, including 3000 instructional including military jets and multi engine qualifications and class 1 medical. I am investigating the possibility of converting my licence to FAA and completing my ATP.
I’m nearly sixty but currently passing six monthly medicals easily. My questions are, what are my chances of finding work in the USA at my age and are airlines sponsoring overseas applicants. Also what sort of time frame am I looking at to complete the above.


The good news is there’s a huge shortage over here. The bad news is there are a TON of retiring airline pilots (partial cause of the shortage) with 20,000hrs who still want to fly. While you may be able to find work I doubt it’ll be anything fantastic.

Best to contact the FAA or visit their website for conversion info and also know to work as a pilot in the US you must be a citizen or have permanent resident status.