Hi everyone one,
My classes are starting from 4th of April at EFD location Houston. My question is that I don’t want clean shave? Is it necessary to clean shave for student at ATP? I have trimmed beard.


Short answer is you cannot have a beard. See attached: Professional Pilot Uniform Policy / ATP Flight School

Longer answer is even if they didn’t require you to shave your airline would so the sooner you get used to it the better.



Get used to shaving, you will be doing it every day of your professional life from April 4th until you retire from the airlines.



I am a current student at the EFD location. Looking forward to having you.

They do require you to shave. If you forget, and have some stubble you won’t be in trouble or anything. Hair grows fast on my face, so I have to shave everyday.

They DO allow you to have a moustache, but the style needs to be classy, and look professional. Let me know if you have any EFD location specific questions.