Shaving issues

Hello, ATP’s rule is to be clean shaven. But I can’t shave because I get pimples and in grown hairs someone said I may have a medical condition.
I understand that most of the American airlines require the pilot to be clean shaved. One of my friend works for UPS as a pilot and he has a medical condition he cannot shave so they allowed him to keep his beard
Is it possible for me keep my beard at ATP ?


Being clean shaven at the airlines is actually an FAA requirement. I do not know one pilot with a beard and I am very surprised that your friend seems to have gotten an exemption. I would suggest seeing a dermatologist for your condition.

Even if ATP granted you an exemption, you will have a very difficult, if not impossible time getting one at the airlines. I suggest that you contact the recruiting departments of a few regional airlines and ask them directly.

As for ATP, the admissions department would have the final say on something such as this.


Thanks for your quick response, not to be rude but I see Adam has a French beard

A goatee is not the same as full beard and Hawaiian Airlines is the only one that allows a goatee.

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Gotcha Thanks


My airline (Hawaiian) does in fact allow beards but I don’t know a single Regional that does. Since you wouldn’t be getting hired by either Hawaiian or UPS for many years I see this being an issue whether ATP allows you to or not.


I have the same problem when I shave with a razor using hot water and shaving cream. Have you tried an electric razor so you can dry shave? It doesn’t irritate the skin or shave the hairs so close that you end up with them ingrown.

Thanks Adam I didn’t know that.

I tried dry shaving and I have the same problem. Thanks for your comment