Dress Code as a ATP student

Hello, I have one quick question about appearance and dress code. During my tour of the facility here in San Antonio Tx my guide mentioned dress code. My only concern is that he mentioned being clean shaven, does the school allow reasonable accommodations for facial hair for religious purposes? I have a beard as a part of religious practice and discipline… not long but not a stubble I keep it pretty clean but like I said he did mention it during our conversation. Is there any leeway for that just as long as it’s clean and professional?


The reason ATP has a dress code (incl facial hair) is to prepare you for the airlines. The airlines will not allow facial hair so the question is what are your plans for after ATP as facial hair doesn’t fall under “reasonable accommodations”.



Every airline that I am aware requires pilots to be clean shaven or have no more than a mustache. There are no exceptions made for religious accommodations as this is a safety standard, not an appearance one. How do you intend on complying with this as an airline pilot?



You will find that being cleaned shaved and dressed in uniform like other pilots is common across the industry. There are some instances where corporate or charter flying may allow facial hair. If your goal and aspiration of becoming an airline pilot, you will have to be cleaned shaved, for work - and the same will go for ATP.