Becoming a pilot through community college

Becoming a pilot for a major airline has been my goal since i was 3. I currently Have good grades in high school and was thinking about Embry Riddle or Bridgewater State flight schools. But it’s so expensive and now I’m thinking about community college because i want To save as much money as i can since money is very tight. I was Thinking that i would Go to community college while attending a local flight school and then after i get My associates i would Go to a university to get a bachelors while still in flight school. Do i still Have the ability to become a pilot for a major airline even though i didnt Go to a university for 4 years? Would it be more worth it to go into deeper debt by going to a 4 year college and attend the flight school there?


There’s nothing wrong with going to Community first and finishing up your degree later. It’s a very common and makes a lot of sense financially.

There’s also nothing wrong with using proper punctuation and grammar. Many Major airlines will ask for you to write an essay or fill out an incident report to see your English and communication skills and it’s never to early to start.



I see absolutely nothing wrong with going to community college. If you transfer to a four year school, your degree will be that of the university and nobody will know, or care, that you started at a community college.

That being said, I think that you will find that going to college and attending flight school at the same time is prohibitively difficult. I would recommend finishing college, then going to flight school.


I do apologize for my improper grammar and punctuation. I should have put more time into typing up my question. Thank you for your immediate response, I really appreciate your time.

Andrew Wendorff

Thank you for your quick response time! This information is very helpful to me. Thanks so much!


Anytime. Let us know how else we can help you.