Being on duty with spouse

Hi. I am married with no kids and soon to be a pilot. As I am on duty flying to other places. Am I allowed to take my husband with me on every trip I’m flying. Being a pilot is a dream of mine but I also wants to spend as much time of my life with husband. That way I can be with my husband as well as working. Will it work out for me?


You are may BUT if you’re using your travel privileges (or even if you buy a ticket) there needs to be an available seat. If the flight is sold out (which actually happens quite often) you may be leaving hubby behind in Boise.


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You will not be able to take your husband on every trip that you fly. Airplanes are frequently full and it would be prohibitively expensive to buy tickets. Plus, after some period of time, your husband would get tired of twelve hour overnights at airport hotels.