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Best Regional in AZ

Hey guys,
So I am set to start at ATP in PHX in June. I have some family in the area and really enjoy the climate/pace out there. Yesterday I received a letter from Mesa informing me of the opportunities available with their company. Do any of you have suggestions on which regional is best as far as pay/benefits go in the AZ area. Seems like Skywest is offering more competitive pay/benefits than Mesa. Envoy has some pretty sweet incentives, but I’d have to do some commuting in order to stay in AZ. As always, I appreciate the suggestions and thoughts!

Jonah W.


My suggestion is you’re really putting the cart before the horse. You haven’t started your training yet and that’s what you should be focused on. As for which Regional is best, you won’t be moving in to one for over 2yrs and a whole lot can change in 2yrs. Regionals sign new agreements with Majors and new contracts with their pilots. Whoever may seem to be on top right now may very well not be then. Also while you’re in training in PHX you’ll have the opportunity to speak with pilots their and hear what they have to say about their airline. There’s more to it than pay and benefits.


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Makes perfect sense. Definitely looking too far ahead lol, but getting the letter from Mesa the other day made me do some thinking. It also got me very pumped up for training to begin :slight_smile:

I think it is great to have a target airline in mind, just don’t mentally lock yourself into any one particular airline just yet. As you flight instruct you will have friends that are ahead of you and will have a far better pulse on the regional airline industry than anybody else. At this point, Adam and I are crusty old mainline guys :slight_smile:

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