Best time to start flight school in regards to weather?

I’m trying to figure out the best time to start flight school. I’m finishing my senior year of my bachelor’s of Marketing/Managment. I also work as an Asset Protection Associate at Walmart full time making very good money for a college kid. I ask the question because I want to start flight school as soon as possible. Potential start date of June 2018. But with the job I have I make great money and want to save as much as possible due to the fact that I will not be able to work while in actual tranning. So with that in mind would waiting till August 2018 effect the possible tranning timeline due to the fact that more of tranning will be in winter months? I plan to go Arlington, TX ATP. Yes I know it’s Texas but when I took my intro flight in 2016 it was 28 degrees and icy. Pro’s and con’s to waiting?


It is a nine month program, I really don’t think it matters when you start. Winter brings snow, summer brings thunderstorms. It all tends to work itself out.

I am a bit confused as to when you are finishing your degree, but my recommendation is always to get your training started as soon as possible. Seniority is everything in the airlines, even a few weeks can make the difference between being a caption or first officer, which airplane you fly or even between being furloughed or not. A few months can make a gigantic difference over the course of your career.


Sorry, yes my degree will be complete May 2018. With regards to what you said about seniority being one of the greater factors. I would think starting in June or July 2018 will be the best decision. Thanks


As Chris said whenever you start you’re bound to find some unfavorable weather and that’s fine. ATPs been doing what they do for over 30yrs year round. I did my training in VA in the winter and instructed in NJ and we were fine.