Body Size

Long story short some recent personal events have made me re-evaluate what I really want to do in life and I came to wanting to become a commercial pilot. I’ve taken a few PPL flights a year or so ago but didn’t stick with it unfortunately, life got in the way, and enjoyed it a lot. Once I get the current situation worked out I plan on applying to ATP in Camarillo, CA. It’s the closest to home for me, about a 2 hour drive, but I’d plan on living in the subsidized housing near the airport. ATP seems like best best route for a lot of reasons but their body size limits worry me a bit.

Main question here is I’m pretty close to the height cutoff. I’m right at about 6’2.5” depending on the shoes I wear. Not sure how stringent they are about that and would like to know if there are any other tall people out there who didn’t have issues with admission. I’m close on weight to but working on that part and have a few months before I can even apply so not too worried about that.

For extra knowledge I’m 28, have a 4 year degree and plan on going for the majors and want to get going as soon as I can. Been reading about every thread on here and it’s very encouraging but I know seniority is everything in this business.


Height is ALWAYS measured in bare feet. If you’re 6’2" or less barefooted you’re fine, if not I suggest you give ATP a call.


So I have a family friend who happens to be a private practice family doctor. Told him about my concerns with this and he snuck me in the office and put me in their official height and weight scale. Definitely need to work on the weight part just for myself (clear on it for ATP standards) but apparently I’m 6 ft 3.5 inches tall now. Don’t know how I grew in my late 20s another inch but that’s where I’m at. Has anyone else been in the same situation being a half inch too tall? I’m going to call ATP soon and see if I need to consider another option but this worries me quite a bit. I have no doubt I can pass everything mentally, just sucks being to big, first time it’s ever been a problem in my life being too tall for anything


Definitely call admissions and talk with them about this. Once you get to the airlines, you will be fine with the height, but you will need to find a path to get there.