I’m apparently too tall for ATP? :/

Hey all, feeling a little disheartened here. I got my PPL in a c172 about 18 months ago or so, and despite doing some yoga to get into the airplane, I fit more than comfortably with headroom to spare. I’ve been saving for a couple years and was also approved for a Sallie Mae loan for ATP. Went out to the Sacramento location about 2 weeks ago for an intro flight and was beginning the process of leaving my job to attend ATP full time. I then received a voicemail asking for a callback from ATP. I was then notified that I was too tall for the aircraft and ATP wouldnt allow my admission. I’m 6’7” and about 220lbs. At the time, the instructor even said that another student was my height it maybe even a bit taller. I’m not sure what’s going on, but man, this really sucks. Is there anything I can do? Or am I SOL?


ATP’s height and weight policies can be found here: https://atpflightschool.com/airline-career-pilot-program/enrollment.html

I sympathize with your situation, but these policies are due to aircraft limitations.


I assume this is due to the multi-engine Diamond, as I fit in a 172 just fine. It’s unfortunate that ATP doesn’t want business for those over 6’3” and I imagine there are many taller students in my position. Unfortunate, but I guess I’ll have to find another option.

Hey Peter, I just came across this thread and am in a similar position. I’m curious as to what you ended up doing

I’m supposed to be attending ATP in January but I am also 6’5. I am hoping everything works out okay as well.


I ended up attending a different flight school and am nearing the end of my commercial multi engine training! The school I’m attending has both diamond DA42 and the Piper PA44, the latter of which I do my training in.

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Congratulations on finishing up your commercial multi! I’m still in the beginning stages of finding a school, I’m 7’0” and ATP turned me down immediately. Found some smaller schools who don’t seem to care. I fit in 172s how did you find the Diamond DA42 for fit? If you don’t mind me asking, where did you end up going?

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Am going to a flight school in Hillsboro, OR. Don’t wanna mention it here as I’m not sure if mentioning a competitor is frowned upon haha. But damn, 7’?! I thought I was super tall!

I BARELY fit in a DA42. I had to sit gangsta leaned back and my headset touched the canopy at times.


This forum was set up to help pilots reach their goals, it’s not an ad for ATP. Feel free to mention your school.


I’m on the cusp of 6’4” and fit just fine in the Archer. Also, I knew of a a former instructor at my ATP location who was 6’5”, as well as students who are taller than me. Hope this puts a few of you at ease who are close to the “restricted” height.

Peter, that’s understandable and from what I’ve read the Diamond was going to be too small. I fit, just barely in a PA-44. 7’ has its advantages, this is one of the few times it doesn’t. I think I stood zero chance of ATP wanting to take me, 9” over the max is a stretch. Seeing as ATP is the elephant in the room, what led you to selecting your current school? (I.e. Big or small outfit? Agreements with regionals (if that’s even relevant today)?, instructors?, etc.)

Well, ATP declined me due to my height as well.

I chose the school as I generally like the Pacific NW, and heard good things about the school. It’s as fast paced as you want it to be. However, they did increase their prices after I’d begun my training and I’m not a huge fan of their scheduling policies at times, but overall I’ve had a favorable view of the school.

One huge word of caution of doing training in the PNW. For about 5-7 months, I had so many canceled flights due to weather than I could count. However I did get some actual decent amount of actual instrument flying in my logbook, more than most, during my IR training. But once I began my commercial flying which required more visual conditions, it’s been a bit of a bummer. It makes sense why so many schools are in sunny locations!

Thanks for the advice and quick response considering this post was from last year. No doubt weather is something to consider when picking a school. Enjoy the rest of your ride! I’m hoping to get started soon.

Hi Wyatt,

I know this thread is a few years old, but I wanted to see how things worked out for you. I’m 6’6” and wanted to apply, but wasn’t sure if my height would be an issue.


Not sure if Wyatt frequents this forum lately since his last post here was in Aug of 2019. You should call admissions and see what your options are. I know in the past, they would allow an intro flight to see if you could safely operate the flight controls with full range of motion. If you could, admission could be granted. Not sure if the policy has changed on that or not.



You will want to contact Admissions 904-595-7950 (Monday-Friday, 8am - 9pm ET) and inquire about the height. Training aircraft can be tight fitting and you may need to find a trainer that would make you feel comfortable fitting. Best thing to do, contact Admissions etc.