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Height Limit


I am 6’3 and some change. Does this automatically disqualify me from attending ATP or is there a waiver?



You’ll need to contact Admissions directly about this one. (904) 595-7950



Thanks, I contacted them and they said I should be good but wouldn’t know for sure until I did an intro flight.

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Hi, my name is lucas i am 16 years old and about to turn 17. My dream is to make my trainimg at ATP but i am worries about my height. At the moment i am 6,2 maybe 6,3 and i am think i will grow a little bit, i think maybe up to 6,4. Would that really be a problem? Thank you.


ATP requires students to be 6’3 or less. However, they do sometimes make exceptions to this rule, so it would be best to contact the admissions department when your time comes. There is a hard and fast rule though of a max 250 lbs.


Okay, chris. Thank you very much. And about the weight i should be fine!!

Good. Let us know how else we can help you.


For now just that. Because when i talked to ATP about the enrollment and all that they told me to start about 8 month i turnes 18 so i am going to wait to that moment! But i am so, exited haha.

For anyone interested, I am 6’4" and haven’t had any problems.

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