Bose A20

I had the opportunity to fly with the Bose A20 headset yesterday. They were amazing! I plan on getting a pair for myself.

Only question is what type of plug do you need for airlines or do they vary by aircraft or manufacturer? I see options of 6-pin, twin plug, or U174.

Also, price listed was $1,095 on a few different sites, but I wasn’t sure if anyone had a better deal or recommendation based on other factors.


Standard 2-plug will work fine in everything unless you end up in an Airbus (but you can get an adapter if that time comes). Google is a wonderful thing for shopping but that’s another thing about Bose, you really don’t see them going cheap anywhere (I believe Bose watches their authorized dealers pretty closely).

FYI I just saw them on Pacific Coast Avionics for $995 w/o Bluetooth which you don’t need.


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Yeah I’ll agree that you won’t be able to find a new headset for less than the retail price. You might find a good deal on eBay with a used one, sometimes you can find them in good condition from people who started flying but decided that it wasn’t for them.

Also, I recommend you go with the non-Bluetooth version. Save yourself 100$, you won’t have much use for it during flight training or flight instruction.


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