CAX and FIA exam similar?

Hello pilots and mentors. I have my CAX scheduled for this Friday the 29th. However I’ve read that it is a very similar test to the FIA exam which I have scheduled on August 16th. Should I reschedule to take both on the same day or do you recommend studying them individually and taking them separately? I took the IRA and CFII exam on the same day to great success.

Robin Graham


I would and I did. Same bank of questions.


I did as well, there is no reason not to.


I have heard that they are similar test bank. I did not take both the same day given that I had months left prior to my start date which I used to prepared individually for each test except IRA & FII.


Great! Thank you all. I have both exams scheduled on August 12th.

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Sorry, just seeing this now. I thought the same and it backfired on me. I scored a 98% on CAX and ended up failing the FIA. There were maybe 5 questions out or 100 on FIA that were the same as the CAX question bank. I am about halfway through studying for FIA on Shepard
Air now and still see that there is almost no correlation to CAX.


I took my separately as well. The CAX and FIA have similar material but different test banks. Where the FII and IRA have literally some of the same questions, the CAX and FIA don’t have repeat questions, just similar subject matter.

It took me about a week to study for the CAX and only 3-4 days to go through the FIA test bank. It’s much smaller than any test bank you’ve had so far. I think the best thing to do is schedule them apart by just a few days, just long enough to comb through the FIA bank.

If you’re under a time crunch or feel pretty confident, of course you can give it a go. You can see it’s pretty much 50/50 on taking them the same day or not.


I agree. I noticed some differences while doing the King schools. I rescheduled the FIA for the 16th.