CFI wait times

It seems like at this time it can be quit a wait for a CFI position upon completion of your program. My question is are you still eligible for tuition reimbursement and the other connections and opportunities that ATP has if you take a job at elsewhere as opposed to ATP to build up your hours? Do you still have access to these networks and relationships after completing the program if you do not get a CFI position with ATP? Appreciate the info!


The short answer is no. The Regional partnerships ATP created are contingent on you instructing for ATP. It enables the airline to keep track of your progress and they also know due to ATPs consistency approx when you’ll be ready. If you go elsewhere they can’t.

That said it’s up to you should you instruct elsewhere to contact the Regionals you’re interested in and see if that other flight school might be eligible.

I’m curious are you currently waiting for a position and what is the wait time?



I just checked with ATP Admin and they have many locations that do not have any waiting list at all, many of those locations even offer an additional housing allowance. If you are flexible with the location, a CFI position can be available very quickly, if not immediately.


Most regionals cadet programs are open to everyone. However, ATP has established specific benefits that are exclusive to ATP CFIs.
For example, (when I was applying a few years ago) Skywest has a pilot pathway program that is mentorship, interview prep and establishing employee status. But since I was an ATP CFI, I had a guaranteed class date with no interview required and tuition reimbursement…

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Are there certain ATP locations that assign you more students than others? I heard that the more students you have, the easier you earn your 1500 flight hours.



As I mentioned in your other post, ATP manages the instructor-student ratio for each location. The size of each location varies, but the sizes are not set in stone. They are scalable.

This allows ATP to staff each location according to current demand. ATP also has the ability to ferry more airplanes to any location that needs them if enrollment picks up. They also know when it’s time to move to a larger space or to a new airport entirely if necessary.

Pick a location that is most convenient for you. ATP will take care of the rest.


ATP aims to keep the student to instructor ratio small, about 3-1 to ensure quality instruction. No matter how big or small the location is, as a CFI you will have between 1-3 students at a time.