Changes coming to DPE Scheduling

Looks particularly helpful for CFI initial exams. Theoretically, it looks as if CFI candidates will now be able to choose their DPE without interference from the FSDO.

A few of the policy changes include eliminating the geographic boundaries for DPE’s that currently prevent them from traveling to areas where the need for examiners is great. When it comes time for a CFI practical test, the FSDO will no longer get in the middle of DPE scheduling as it does currently. Students will schedule their rides directly with their local examiner.


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In the case of ATP, those checkrides will be scheduled by ATP admin, not the student.

While that’s true, this should provide some flexibility and relief to ATP scheduling, which should theoretically also reduce the wait time to receive a checkride, right?

That is the hope.

And someone asking when the length of the course will shorten in 3…2…1… :slight_smile:


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That just means you get to adjust your answers to the 17 threads a day asking if it’s too late to start. :wink:


Currently in CFI training and just got my DPE letter from the FSDO today after several weeks. This change will be too late to help me out, but it should help those who come after me. Certainly a welcome change.