Checking In Ground Level!

BRADY! Good job, man! We’ll see each other soon. TTN is on our route list, I plan on brining Instrument students up that way on XC’s. It’ll be wonderful.

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Congrats! It has been great to follow along with another ATP student and instructor for the past year or so. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one with the consistent challenges as a TCFSI, every day has something new! You guys are doing a great job up there at TTN and I only hear good things on our regional meetings, so keep up the great work. Just based on following along on here and the feedback throughout ATP, you truly care for your students as an instructor and I hope that it encourages others to do so as well. You’ll do great at Republic and I look forward to hearing your experiences there.

If you ever find yourself passing through the Cincinnati location, please feel free to stop by and say hello!

Best of luck for the last 500 hours, with the spring and summer approaching, I’m sure it’ll go fast.

Keep up the great work!


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Huge congrats, @Brady ! It’s been fun to watch your journey. Enjoy those last few months before you start airline life!


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Congrats, Brady!

You’ve really established yourself since becoming a CFI! It’s been fun to watch your journey.

I’m impressed that you were able to hit 1000.0 exactly :wink:


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Give me a text when you come this way, would love to snag lunch at Deli Licious Cafe with you! Shoot me a text or call if you have any questions at JYO, would love to help you as much as I can.

Roscoe, I don’t know if I can go anywhere colder than we’re experiencing in Trenton, I need warmth… :wink: I will keep you in mind if I get the opportunity to make my way to Cincinnati, I did fly over the Bengals stadium at 9,000 when I was on crew, nice view from above. I appreciate your kind words about hearing our success at Trenton, the team here is great and it’s been a real blast to tackle challenges with them to keep everyone successful all-around.

Every day I wake up loving what I get to do, this journey has been a roller coaster of emotions and there are so many people I owe a thanks of support too.

I would like to think it’s called skill, but more so a series of good luck sequencing by the TWR to give us a short approach inside an Airbus on a 5-mile base; which ended the lesson.


@Brady , I’m reading through all the posts in this thread. (Working my way through so maybe I’ll see it…) You came in with PPL credit. Did you go the regular route or the 100 ME route? Why did you decide one over the other? And if you had to do it again would you change what you did or did the program reinforce your choice?


Seems a little nostalgic right now reviewing my old thread to see if I can reference anything above…as it’s been a few months since I’ve checked in. Little teaser, you brought me back a few weeks sooner that I was expecting to be here. :wink: spoiler alert

As you have probably read, I have another thread posting title Current PPL-SEL, I need some advice. To simply sum up the thread posting, I wasn’t sure of my decision. I applied for my initial loan and got declined, after numerous hours on the phone with underwriters and their manager, I was able to come to an agreement and signed the documents. I took my intro flight in November 2019, enrolled following week with @ATPEric. A few weeks prior to my start date ATP released the 100-HR ME program, I contacted Kirk from Financing to see what I could do, I needed to find funding for $12,000+ to upgrade. I tried getting my lender to approve an increase, but the best they could do was $2,000…no biggie.

I would say I made the right choice going in the direction that I did. In the aviation industry today, so many more paths exist than it did 2 years ago, that the 100-HR ME program is reasonable to eye up. The benefit of doing the 100-HR ME is that you will get the obvious: more twin-engine time which helps with finding low-time P91 and P135 gigs that may be of interest if CFI does not work out. A lot of Private companies require an X amount of Multiengine time because of insurance purposes, not that they don’t think you can fly a jet. If you do the training and demonstrate your ability to fly a jet, then the only thing stopping you is the hours and the company’s insurance broker. Private flying soared during covid peaks, which saw a lot of furloughed pilots making the jump to P91 and P135 operations. JetIt soared through ratings and growing, similar to NetJets and FlexJet.

If I had been approved for the extra $12,000, at the time I would have taken the 100-HR ME, but I can say proudly that I am extremely thankful with the route that I took. I also have another thread posting titled: New Journey in Life.


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Helpful thank you Brady.

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