Circle of Life for ExpressJet

I often talk about the cyclic nature of our industry and how things always can and do change. Here we have my alma mater ExpressJet, who started life as a conglomeration of smaller airlines created by Continental called Continental Express. They’re spun off by CAL to become ExpressJet and are eventually bought by SkyWest. CAL is bought by United and now United wants to by ExpressJet. Crazy!

What happens to the pilots there as far as seniority ect once the merger takes place. Understand the union will want to protect the current pilots but how bad is it for the acquired company pilots?
Sounds like you are where you need and want to be, but any friends back in this mix?
I imagine it could be anything from comparing dates of hire to everyone new is at the back of the seniority list or anything in between.


There is a federal law that requires that all pilots be integrated fairly into the new seniority list. In theory, all pilots are equally protected, regardless of which side of the merger they were on.



Nowhere in the article does it say nor would anyone expect this to be a merger. It would be an acquisition. United would simply buy ExpressJet from SkyWest and keep them as ExpressJet. They may entertain creating a flow-thro but there would be no seniority list integration.

I still have many friends at ExpressJet and all are cautiously optimistic about the possibility. Not so much for a flow or career advancement, it’s for financial security of the airline.


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Thank you both and that is great to know.