Compass Admission Test

I am horrible at tests! Always needed extra time when I was in school, which was over ten years ago. Needless to say I would like to try and study ahead of time. Anyone have some good resources to prepare for the compass test?


While I’ve never taken the test myself, if you browse the forum you see a number of posts from students who have recently taken the test and they all say it’s an aptitude test that can’t really be studied for.



There is no studying for this test, it is simply an aptitude test designed to measure learning ability.


Thank you both, that actually helped a lot. Based off of their responses I found this and it help me wrap my brain around it.


Nice link, an aptitude ‘test’ is not as bad as it may sound. You should have a time limit and varies subjects that will be covered. A lot of airlines will use them in their hiring process. I always found the maze one to be a fun challenge and try to complete it entirely, it’s hard when you’re using a mouse to trace point A to B.



As others have said, you can’t really study for these kind of tests but they are often used to get an idea of how a pilot thinks. American has a “pilot skills test” in their hiring process.

I recommend downloading the app Lumosity. There’s a free and paid version with a variety of games to increase your cognitive function. It starts with baseline tests to see where you’re at and then recommends certain games to increase your weaker areas like memory, quick recall, problem solving, etc.


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