Concerning paths

I am 18 about to finish my first year of college in May. As of right now I am not in an aviation school and don’t see myself going to one due to money. Was wondering if you suggest me finish my four years of college with a bachelors in any other type of field as backup, and then apply to ATP? Or ATP first to get it over with. I know there many approaches but I am not sure how to proceed not knowing if I should finish my four years of college or take a break to do ATP.


That’s exactly what I suggest you do! While some may suggest flight training first many people find it hard to go back and finish school and that leaves them in a bad position. Get a degree in ANYTHING you think you might like in the event aviation doesn’t pan out. ATP, build your time and you’ll be poised for a successful career at the airlines.



Yep you’re on the right track! Degree first then atp! Let us know if you have any other questions!



Finish what you started first (school).
Also by having a completed degree once you finish ATP and you want to refinance your crazy loans, having the degree will give you a better rate.

I just refinanced again. Originally was 6.5 then 5.1 and now it’s 3% fixed. Always keep an eye out for where you can save money :+1:

Chris F