Cost and Training

What is the most feasible option for going through pilot school and not having to spend a lot of money?


The reality is flight training is expensive and there’s really no way around that. The good news is it can yield a great return.



As Adam mentioned, flight training can be expensive, but the return on investment is so much greater longterm. If you are unsure if aviation is something you would be interested in pursuing, why not try an admission flight? You can try ATP, a flight school at your local airport or travel to another flight school as you desire. Furthermore, I recommend looking around both the forum and ATP’s main website as there is valuable information of cost versus reward.



Becoming is a pilot takes money but any career with high revenue opportunities requires expensive training (doctor, lawyer, etc)

There aren’t many scholarships available but you can apply for financing. Once you graduate from the program there are loan deferral options for a temporary period plus tuition reimbursement programs that will cover your loan payments until making it to the airlines.