Credits for flight hours

I graduate from Utah Valley university in May with a bachelors in Aviation Management but am going to go to ATP in July or August. At my university, because classes transfer to atp credits, it lowers the flight hours to 1,250 and 1,000 with a bachelors degree in professional pilot.
Since I have 30 or more ATP credit classes, would ATP allow me to only do 1,250 hours? Or do I still have to the 1,500?

This requirement has nothing to do with ATP flight school. It is a requirement for an ATP Certificate from the FAA. In order to qualify for the reduced hours/restricted ATP you have to obtain your degree and flight training at a Part 141 school. See this post by Bold Method:

To get a restricted ATP with 1000 hours bachelor’s degree your degree and flying must be done at your university if it has an approved FAA program for the 1000 hours restricted ATP.


To qualify for the reduction in hours, you would need to complete both your education and flight training at a FAA approved school, which Utah Valley is not as they do not offer flight training.

It is not a question of what ATP will allow or not, the FAA will require you to have 1,500 hours before they issue you an ATP certificate.



I’m really not trying to be obnoxious (and hope I don’t sound it) but the fact that you’re graduating with an aviation degree and don’t understand the regulations really emphasizes why there would (and should) not be an hour reduction.



UVU actually has a very large flight training program. But if you decide to use ATP flight school then you will not qualify for any kind of RATP.