Criminal background/ prescreening

Worried my younger years are going to haunt me… So I have some misdemeanor marijuana charges from when I was a kid and again when I was 19. Im 32 now and realize this could crush my dreams of being a pilot. What steps should I take before dropping 80k to make sure there is even a future for me as a pilot. Is it possible to do the medical screening first to see?

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  1. I believe everything before 18 years of age is wiped. Once you are 18 is when it is permanent.

  2. That was 13 years ago, and if you’ve been clean since then, I’m certain it wouldn’t be a factor.

  3. Yes you can take a medical first, and should take it first, to see if you are eligible for a first class medical. There is a question that asks about criminal history though, and I’m sure the FAA will hold you up for a few months about it.

Good luck

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Not sure where Moe is getting his info but not everything from when you’re a minor is wiped (this is the Federal Govt we’re talking about and nothing is wiped), particularly if you’re a repeat offender.

Your first step would be to consult an AME (Aviation Medical Examiner). The question on your application is have you ever been arrested, convicted etc for anything alcohol or drug related, you have so the answer is yes. After that the FAA will do their checking. Depending on what they find you might be fine, they may want more info, you may have a problem. Your AME can help you navigate. Also know the airlines will ask the same. Depending on what they find AND the demand for pilots it could be nothing or it could be a problem.