Criminal Record?

Hello Guys,

I hope everybody is doing well. I am about to start flight training and I have a concern that I would like to get some help with. Flight training is expensive and my goal is to one day reach the major airlines, but I worry that a single event might stop me from doing that.

I was involved in a family dispute and was charged with simple assault. I was taken to detention, but I was released shorty after with the police deciding to not pursue the charge. I was not given papers to appear, I did not go to court and I did not receive any orders to stay away.

Most likely I have an arrest record, but no conviction and no charge since it was not pursued by the police. Other than this event, I never got in trouble in my life and my driving record is clean.

Please let me know if you think I should start my flight training or I am a non hire in the eyes of the airlines? Thank you so much!


Welcome to the forum. I do not see this being an issue at all for you. The FAA asks about arrests in regards to drugs and alcohol. In all other areas, they ask about convictions. Just make sure to read questions very thoroughly and answer exactly what is being asked.

If it comes up, answer honestly and explain that you were never actually charged. I see no issues for you moving forward.


Okay Chris, thank you so much for the prompt response! I’ve been worried and this gives me hope. :slight_smile: