Custom Program Available?

Hello, I’m looking at a possible career change at near 40 and currently have my instrument SEL rating AND required hours for my commercial though do not have the rating. I would like to pick up the pilot career program from here but unable to find info on starting from this point.

Would anyone be able to answer if I can indeed ‘skip’ these modules of the program (instrument again and cross country hour building) and pick up the program at multi engine rating?

Thank you,


You would not be able to start mid-stream. ATP offers the program starting from either zero hours or from PPL. In your case, I would recommend contacting a local flight school to inquire about finishing up your training.


I’m trying to figure what is req’d to gain ATP. I’m currently a USAF pilot w/ 3500 hrs. Any advice welcome.


This is what you need, check this link out: