Deciphering This Page

Hello All! I was wondering how exactly to read this and was seeing if it could be explained. I feel like I may be overthinking, but any help would be appreciated


I’m pretty sure those are the dates of the most junior FOs and CAs per base.


Hey Tory! I forgot to mention this is for Skywest on their website, and it is their seniority page, I guess what I am asking is what do the dates mean? Does that show how long it might take to upgrade and what not? How do you tell which bases are the most junior? Thanks!


The dates mean exactly what I said. The most junior FO in DEN was hired 1-17-20. The most junior CA in DEN upgraded 6-13-18. Thus, upgrade time at DEN is ~1.5 years.


Wow, those are some pretty quick Captain upgrade times at SkyWest.

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For about the last 5 years, the CRJ upgrade at SkyWest has been ~1 year. Obviously base dependent, but it dropped to new hires at one point. They had to complete FO training and then immediately went into CA training. The ERJ is the more senior plane/upgrade. You can basically hold the CRJ whenever you meet FAA/company CA minimums.

Tory interpreted correctly. Only thing I’d change is the most junior CA in DEN “was hired” 6-13-18. There’s no way to know when he upgraded. And I think that’s what you meant anyway haha but year those are their DOHs.