Pilot Profile: Jordan Lascomb

Jordan Lascomb has been a frequent contributor to our forum. I asked her to share her journey to flight deck with us, the following is her story:



Beautifully written! Very inspiring, Jordan. I might have teared up a


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Great story! If you don’t mind me asking, where are you at now with your career? Were you happy with Skywest? Looks like you were able to move up quickly which was one concern for me since they have a fairly large number of pilots.



Hey Jason,

I am currently an FO with Southwest Airlines.

I absolutely loved my time at SkyWest, and I would have stayed there if Southwest hadn’t called. Just because they are a much larger regional than most doesn’t really affect the movement. Their upgrade on the CRJ is still as soon as you can meet the minimums (which usually takes about a year and a half). The ERJ is a more senior airplane and would take about 2.5 years to make CA if that is what you wanted. When I started I was about 3500/3500 pilots, and 2 years later I was 2000/4700 - so there is a TON of movement. I never felt like a number and was able to get very involved. I loved the people and the environment of SkyWest. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Good luck to you in your career!


That’s great Jordan. Thanks for the update. That’s a pretty massive jump in the number of pilots in 2 years, I assume that number is still going up. What kind of hours were you able to get credit for starting off?

Oh gosh - that’s a complicated answer. I truly can’t remember but I will take a guess and say as a junior FO who commuted I probably credited around 80some with 12-14 days off. But then as a senior FO in base I was crediting well over 100 with 15-17 days off. Then as a junior CA in base it was around 80 again with 12-14. It all depends on the bidding system your company uses, your seniority(!), your base, if you commute, work rules for reserve, if you even sit reserve, etc.

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I am certainly taking a hard look at Skywest. I live in Montana and they are one of the few that service GTF which is closest to where I live. Good to see you getting some pretty good hours! Again, congrats on all your success and thanks for answering my questions :grin:

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