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Degree Recognized In U.S

Hi… So I have been advised here that all I need to get a job in a major airline is a 4-year degree and my ratings. And like I said I have already completed my Bsc in computer science in Nigeria my home country. I’ve moved to the U.S now as a legal resident and I’m in line to obtain my citizenship but I dont know if I have to get a U.S degree or something. My degree is actually BSc(ed.) Obtained at a University of education. Its a combination of bachelor of science and education. Please I really need advise. I dont have much time… Thanks


You need a lot more that a degree and your licenses to get a job with a major airline, you will need many years and several thousands of hours of flight experience. Plus, you will need to pass an airline interview. Getting a job with a major airline is the pinnacle of aviation, it is a lot more than just checking boxes.



Yea I’m not sure who’s “advised” you but NOTHING could be further from the truth. First you do need to obtain your licenses and ratings but after that you need to demonstrate that you can use them safely and effectively. If your degree can be verified (which is something YOU need to find out how to do?) then yes that would take care of the degree requirement but again you still need to learn to fly, PASS all you checkrides, get a job as a flight instructor (or other entry level position), build the required 1500hrs to get hired by a Regional, UPGRADE to Capt at that Regional and then MAYBE, if you’re fortunate, you might get an interview with a Major. You say you don’t have much time? I’m not sure what that means but you should be counting on at least 6+ years before that happens which is plenty of time to sort out you degree situation.


I know about the other requirements … I’m talking about the difference between regional and majors… Like the extra requirements apart from the flight hours and FAA licenses and all… I just didnot want to type everything. Cos that wasnt my point. My point is could i use a Bsc(ed.) In computer science from Nigeria after becoming a legal resident to get a job. Would they still consider it as a 4 year degree or must it be a degree obtained in the US alone


You will need to do some research on that one as I am no expert on converting foreign college degrees. I would recommend calling the recruiting departments of several major airlines and asking.

I would encourage you to work on your spelling, grammar and punctuation. These things matter and the airlines will notice when you contact them.


I have BSc in chemistry amd A-levels in sciences from UK and i was told by envoy recruiter that as long as i can provide official transcript it is fine. Though they don’t require undergraduate degree.

Thanks. Could you please give me any recruiting departments’ contact


You will need to do that research on your own, I recommend starting on the airlines websites.


Ok thanks