Dismissed Misdemeanor

Last December I received a written arrest for a pretty BS misdemeanor charge (nothing involving driving or drugs/alcohol) my lawyer said there was nothing to worry about and would likely be dismissed. Well today she told me it was dismissed and I can get it expunged as well. Is that something I would likely have to report on the FAA medical/Airline Apps?


These are the questions that you will have to answer:

Now an airline might ask more than that and if they do, I would adopt a better answer than “It was pretty BS”.


Hi Chris you are right!

By the looks of that question I can answer no to both. I’m guessing the airlines will be a different story?


Most airlines will ask if you’ve ever been arrested. If that’s your only blemish and it was dismissed you should be fine. Unless of course as Chris said you answer with “it was a BS misdemeanor”. That answer will tank you faster than the actually offense will.