Do I need ATP CTP?

I am currently finishing my service in the Air Force and looking into flight schools. ATP has been the most promising so far due to its reputation and Airline oriented training. I am still trying to figure out what the difference is between the main training pipeline (zero to hero) and the ATP CTP option. Is that some kind of additional course to make your resume look better? Thanks for any info.
SIDE NOTE: Is there anyone from the Jacksonville branch on here that can assist me with some of my Florida questions?


The ATP CTP course is a required course to obtain your ATP licence only. Someone who ALREADY has all their licenses, ratings and time requirements and is ready to get hired at a Major might take this to meet their hiring minimums. If you have little or no flight experience you’d need to complete the Airline Career pilot program, build time and then when you get hired by a Regional THEY will give you the ATP CTP as part of your new hire training.