Does Covid increase the checkride failure rate?

I may have read some articles that the effects of COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns have adversely altered mental capacity (including not focused on tasks or procrastination). With that being said, would that impact the pass/fail ratio?


I really don’t want to offend but I’ve never heard anything so ridiculous. I’ll spare you my thoughts on the pandemic and the effects it’s had on the world. Covid has and continues to negatively effect people in many ways, but checkride failures isn’t one of them.



Checkride pass or fail is determined by the ACS. If your unfamiliar, you can Google that and read the document online for free. COVID has no effect on the ACS. You either meet the standards and pass, or don’t and fail.


Any kind of illness and degrade your level of mental capacity for a short time. Of course you won’t be your sharpest when your body is fighting off an illness. However, after a brief quarantine and back to training, it’s up to you to get back in to it mentally. I definitely dont recommend taking a checkride until you’re fully prepared but a few days off for quarantine shouldn’t put you that far behind if you’re putting in the study time at home as you should.

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I have not heard anything of the sort. I can tell you that ATP’s first time pass rate is at an all time high and is one of the highest of all flight schools.