Hello, my name is Wesley.
I really would like to peruse a career a commercial pilot or airline pilot. I came across ATP’s Airline trading program today. I have no prior experience. But in 2017 Oct I got my first DUI offense. After realizing that a DUI could probably be a job killer(dream killer) I was wondering if it would be a long shot to believe this career path is still possible.


This is a question that needs to be addressed with an airline recruiter. I
can give you my opinion, but nothing more.

I think that if it was just one DUI, and the rest of your record is clean,
then you would have a good chance of getting hired at a Regional because
the demand for pilots is so high right now.

Getting hired at a major with a DUI, especially a recent DUI, would take
some persistence. I personally don’t know anyone at the moment that has
been hired at a major with that kind of record. I would say that your
chances are a lot less than at a Regional. Again, your best bet is to
contact a recruiter at both levels, Regional and Major.

Yes, it is okay to call and ask this kind of question. You can remain
anonymous if you’d like.

The other mentors may be able to offer more insight.



As Tori said it’s up to a recruiter. Had this been a few years ago honestly I would have said you’re dead in the water but the world is upside down now. The Regionals need pilots and are making many exceptions they wouldn’t have in the past. However, this DUI is recent and that’s not good and you also don’t say how old you are? If you’re 18-22ish you could possibly get away with the “I was young and stupid” but if you’re much older that doesn’t really fly (no pun intended). Best answer, as Tory said contact some recruiters.