Elevate Pre-Actions


I have just scheduled my Elevate lessons to start tomorrow. I have completed about 15 videos of the ATP Orientation guided independent study and I have read the entire Student and Instructor Handbook.

Do I need to complete anything specific before I begin the live (Zoom) Elevate lessons?

Thanks for the help!


In your Read/View/Do’s, you should be able to see if there’s any requirements. I would say the only thing I can think of is show up with a smile on your face and be prepared to learn. :slight_smile:


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Ah yes, just saw those, thank you sir

Can do, haha :slightly_smiling_face:

I assume I will need to be in my ATP uniform as well

There are 60 orientation videos you need to watch prior to your first day which I am assuming was today and by saying you have only watched 15 videos means you’ve only done a quarter of the work. Starting the program behind the ball is not a good representation of the work you’re willing to put in to this program. It’s a self study program, which like me and many of others who have completed the program will vouch that it takes incredible dedication and discipline to learn the materials on your personal time for the certifications you seek. Nothing will be handed to you but the training materials where in the knowledge is located.


That makes sense, thanks!

However, my first day is actually April 1st, 2024, so I’m busy knocking everything out well in advance.

You know what happens when you ASSume! :wink:


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I’m sorry. The program may have changed that I wasn’t aware of. Previously, you would do your elevates two weeks prior to starting the flight training. That’s plenty of time to also complete all your knowledge test.


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No worries; I appreciate what you meant by it


Sounds like you’re well ahead of the curve so far. I’m assuming you’re already working on knocking out your written exams as well! You’ve got plenty of time between now and April to complete all 7 of them. Once you get a bit closer to your start date, start studying the aircraft supplement that contains systems review, V-speeds, profiles and some review questions in the back.