Eligibility Status of International students for Flight loans

Hello everyone. I have just finished from Adeleke University in Nigeria where my education was fully funded because of my good grades. I had graduated with a cgpa of 4.72 after studying computer science this year. I had to pursue that undergraduate program because I had no access to flight training loans and I felt time was going. It is my desire to become a pilot, but I am in need of student loan or scholarship for the training. I am an orphan and don’t have anyone to sponsor me through this. Though I performed well in the university, I don’t feel fulfilled because I strongly believe that my fulfilment lies in the aviation sector. If you were in my shoes, what would you do please?


Unfortunately I’m not aware of any aviation related grants and you must be a US resident for any US bank to consider a student loan. I recommend you look locally as many “national” airlines have cadet and sponsorship programs.


Alright Adams. I wouldn’t give up on that, despite that it is very difficult finding one here. Thanks.

Most things in life of any value aren’t easy to find.


Well spoken Adam. And that’s why I fail to see the challenges now, I’m so focused on the glory. I appreciate your contribution. Perhaps you’ll be my mentor too. Thanks