Envoy August Schedule 2023 - Roscoe

Hey everyone! I’m just here to share with you my schedule for the month of August at Envoy. August was a wonderful month for me. I was lucky enough to bid and be awarded 11 days of vacation for August a couple of months ago. I actually wanted to have a full two weeks off, but 11 days was all I had available. Typically we have no paid vacation until we have been at the company for a year, but since I had been a cadet for over a year (April 2022), I had available vacation!

When bidding for our monthly schedules, I purposely bid for reserve lines and actual lines that would allow me the full two weeks off. I was expecting to be awarded a reserve line again, but I was actually awarded a composite line. For those who are unfamiliar, a composite line is a line that combines scraps of trips that were dropped in the post bidding process and days of reserve. I was discouraged at first because a composite line initially has no set days off. You have to wait until the dust settles to see what random schedule you get. After calling and speaking with crew scheduling, they advised that I could email and request the specific days off, but couldn’t promise anything. To my surprise they did me a HUGE favor and awarded me all of the days off I wanted, and only set sequences (trips) with no reserve days. So huge thanks to them!

For my two weeks of vacation, I traveled to Croatia with my family and enjoyed some much needed time away from flying. It was great! However, it took me a grand total of 5 days to miss flying, so I went in and bid for some OT flying to make it so I worked 10 of last 12 days of the month. I realize that it might seem crazy, but I truly love my job!

Here was my schedule for the month of August:

Monthly Flight time: 43.36
Credited time: 79.13 (72 min guarantee + 7.13 hours OT)
Nights away from base: 9
Days off: 19

1 - DFW-MIA (Deadhead) MIA-EYW-MIA-LIT
3 - OFF
4 - OFF
5 - VC
6 - VC
7 - VC
8 - VC
9 - VC
10 - VC
11 - VC
12 - VC
13 - VC
14 - VC
15 - VC
16 - OFF
17 - OFF
18 - OFF
19 - OFF
25 - XNA-DFW (OT)
26 - OFF
30 - MAF-DFW
31 - OFF

For September I was awarded an actual line. So I guess I’m officially a line holder now! Lots of flying projected for next month and I’m looking forwards to a set schedule.



Very cool! Glad to hear scheduling worked out so well. Another great perk to being a cadet that pays off later! Did you fly standby to Croatia?


Congrats, Roscoe! Sounds like a great end to the summer.


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Good old Laredo. We used to stay at the La Posada hotel, which was actually a rather interesting place.


I’m actually at the Laredo overnight right now. Definitely not a crew favorite, but not our worst overnight! The worst for me so far would be the Tallahassee overnight.



I didn’t fly standby, although I could have and would have made it both ways (DFW-LHR). It was too risky considering I was meeting my family who were going from Charlotte. So I just used the 20% discount on confirmed tickets for all of us. Still a pretty good deal! We then used British Airways for our flights within Europe.


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Going over to Croatia seems like an awesome time, I’m glad you took advantage of the travel perks offered by American! Nothing wrong with using the 20% discount that we get to fly.


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