F9 pilot cadet program


I recently was approached about this program.

But, I have some questions, so I do not have to go through ATP for this? Also, how do I get my flight school approved by Frontier?


From my quick reading on Frontier (F9) Cadet Program website, you must go to an ATP location. I could be wrong, but have you spoken to a cadet recruiter from Frontier specifically as well?


Thanks for the feedback and no I have not I have sent a email yesterday and I am just waiting to hear back

I’ve been looking into this program for some time and have found that some people have gotten into the cadet program without being a student at ATP.


If you’ve already started flight training, great. You can still be considered for the program while attending your current flight school with approval from Frontier. Please note your flight time and ratings during the application process."

I think you just have MUCH better odds of getting accepted into the program through ATP. Also, they temporarily stopped processing applications, I want to say in July, due to an overwhelming amount of applications they’ve received. I did get notified that they just restarted accepting applications but the recruiter I spoke with said there is still a substantial backlog of applications they are sifting through so it could be awhile.
Good luck!


Is it possible? My understanding is that it is. Is it likely? That’s a different conversation.

This program allows your to bypass the Regionals which is unprecedented. As Stephen pointed out Frontier has been overwhelmed with applications and just recently reopened the window. That translates to a very competitive situation and one where Frontier wants to be certain anyone they accept is capable of successfully completing newhire training. That is why Frontier initiated and created the program with ATP. There’s no question while it’s possible, training with ATP would give you a leg up.


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