FAA approved aviation degrees

I plan on getting a bachelors in something like business or finance and I was wondering if having a degree that is not in aviation puts you under someone who does when getting hired by major airlines. And also for those just getting hired as pilots at regionals, do they prefer those with aviation degrees with only 1000 hour of flight time since it gets cut down, or do they not really care about the field your degree is in and value the 1500 hours of flight time you have since the degree is not in aviation more than the 1000 hours of the person who has an aviation degree.


As far as degrees go the airlines want a 4 yr degree from a legitimate college or university. The field of study is somewhat irrelevant. As for the hours obviously the rules have changed. The R-ATP which allows you to obtain an ATP and get hired by a Regional at 1000hrs was created specifically because the Regionals asked the FAA for a compromise and relief to the 1500hr Rule and mitigate it’s effect on the pilot shortage. Since it was the Regionals that requested it they can’t really say now they don’t like it. That said I did participate in hiring at ExpressJet and more time is always a good thing. These are very unique times, the Regionals are desperate and basically they’re hiring every body they can so in this case either is fine. They’re just desperate to fill classes. BUT, should things slow down some I personally would go for the pilot with the hours. While hours alone do not in and of themselves mean one pilot is better than another, flight experience is never a bad thing and I believe more valuable than hours in the classroom.

Btw, I’m a little confused? You just answered Wyatt’s question on pretty much the same subject as if you knew, but now you’re asking? While we appreciate any and all input and opinions, perhaps you should gain some experience and knowledge on the subject before you do.


Thanks, and sorry about that. I knew some of the rules and kind of how this works so I figured I could help out, but I wasn’t sure on which is preferred for new regional pilots, flight experience or aviation degree so that’s why I asked.

Don’t be sorry. All voices are welcome. As I said I just found it confusing?