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Hi everyone,
Just a quick question about exam tools. Which ones will be provided for me at the test taking center, and which will I have to bring myself? At the moment, I’m focused on sectional charts, and VOR CDI etc, and during King’s course, he mentions creating the VOR quadrant with the TO and FROM with the radial arrow on a piece of paper, and using it to overlay on a sectional chart. Will I be doing that on test day? Or is there something provided or an easier tool to use? To make it scale on a regular sheet of paper and be able to see through it…I think you understand why that can be difficult! I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to take my plotter, and how much will I be using my flight computer if any? Just want to know what to expect and be ready for whatever tools I will and will not have at my expense. Also helps a lot with prepping if I know what ways I should be getting used to and ready for. Thanks for the help everyone!

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Hey Chase,

On a written exam, there are allowed items and non-allowed items. For example, you can take an electronic E6B flight computer for calculating things, but not your phone. Testing centers will provide you things like testing supplements, pencils, plastic overlays to use with a whiteboard marker. If you’re referring to the quadrant TO/FROM graph that Martha and John drew, you will have to draw that yourself.

Here’s an article I found from Gleim Aviation that may be helpful in determining what might be best to bring with you when you test.



As Brady said the test center will provide most of what you need. Anything else is limited to an E6-B and a plotter. That’s it.


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