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February vs. June

I am a school teacher with my PPL. I am going to begin ATP either in February or June. If I leave in February then I would leave midway through the school year, which might look bad on a resume. I am probably going to leave in June so that I would not have any blemish on my Resume–which would be important if anything falls through with the regional and I need a job.

My question: I am wondering if that 6 month delay would decrease my chance of getting a job with the airlines? I’ve been reading the thread a lot and I know you say there are no guarantees and things are always changing. I figure it would be two years of flight instructing before I get hired, so I’m not sure if that 6 months would be a major detriment to me finding a job with the airlines.

I figure that I could still complete my written test for my ratings during that six month period. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


I looked through your older posts and can’t seem to find your age, but it really doesn’t matter that much. Six months can be absolutely huge in the scope of seniority. Pilots that were hired six months after me at Continental spent three years being furloughed while I never was and I later upgraded to Captain well before they ever did. That being said, your question was about how it would affect your ability to get hired at the airlines. Unless you are nearing age sixty or so, I really don’t see it being an issue. I think that completing your writtens while finishing up the school year is a great idea and will really help you out during the program.


Hey Chris,
I am 29 (is it too late to start?) Thanks for the answer. I guess my concern is I am afraid of it being harder to get a job because the pilot shortage won’t last forever. I understand seniority is important, but I want to make sure I can get a job with the airlines in two years.


Adam covers the age question rather in-depth in the FAQ section, take a look there. The short answer is no, it is in no way too late.

I do not see the pilot shortage subsiding anytime soon, I wouldn’t worry too much about four months.


I’m sure others can give you a more solid answer, but what I’ve been reading is that the pilot shortage is actually increasing! I believe there will be a massive shortage within the next 2 decades due to the booming aviation industry, baby boomers being forced to retire at 65, increased flight hour minimums, and people going over to fly in China (for $300,000 salaries). It is not at its peak right now, so you are probably safe by waiting 6 months (and 29 is not too late!)
Please correct me if I got any of these facts wrong! But just google “pilot shortage statistics” and it will boost your spirits! :slight_smile:

The only absolute in this business is that there are no absolutes.


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Alright, I edited that word. Would you agree otherwise?

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