Waiting 6 More Months?

I was planning on starting in June of this year. I am 18 turning 19 in April. I was trying to be airline ready right after I turned 21. Now it will be more towards 21 about to be 22 years old when I will be airline ready. Is that ok? Just wanted to try be airline ready as close to 21 as possible.


Of course it’s ok. You’ve still got close to 20yr head start on me! Listen life happens and while we always say sooner is better you’re going to have a long career ahead of you and those 6mos will be nothing more than a memory :slight_smile:
There’s an expression here in Hawaii, “if can, can but if no can, no can”.

You don’t mention what your intentions are for college. While the Regionals don’t require a degree the Majors want one. Any thoughts?



Another six months is not a big deal at all, especially at your age. Maybe you mentioned this in another post, but do you have your private license yet? ATP’s admissions policy requires students to have a Private License, two years of college, two years of work experience, or two years of military service. Any one of these criteria will make you eligible to apply to the program.

Also, have you considered attending college before you do your flight training? The major airlines all require a four year degree and you are at the perfect age to enter college. Just some food for thought.

I am talking classes at a 2 year collage to get my degree in aviation management. I have already been approved to start at ATP. I sent them what I already had done school and work wise. I plan on getting my 4 year degree while working for a regional carrier. I do not have my PPL.

Sounds like you have it all worked out then.

In that case I would not worry in the slightest about your very short delay. You will be just fine.

I will be airline ready right around my 22nd birthday and feel really good about that. That is more than okay considering how much of a headstart you will have on many and also we are, hopefully, looking at a 40 year carreer ahead of us!

Then you’re money Marcus.

Keep us posted.