I’m not posting this to brag or anything, just happy because this is my best score yet. Took the FIA and got a 99!


Nice work. Congratulations!


Strong work, keep it up!:grinning:

Thank you! Every test i have taken thus far gets slightly better in scores and I feel that the knowledge sticks easier than the previous. Although I started studying for the FOI today as well and I can already tell this one is going to be a pain!

Another update! Took the FOI as od 5 min ago and got a 98

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Excellent job, doesn’t get much better than that.


Honestly couldn’t have asked for anything better, and since I’ve basically had a week and a half off since crew I figured may as well just busy the tests out :slight_smile:

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I haven’t enrolled, but what is the testing like? Is it all terminology based? Is there a lot of math or algebra equations.

How hard is the fia? Is that a practical exam?

Basic math. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The FIA is the Flight Instructor Airplane Knowledge exam and its required to get your CFI with the FOI Fundamentals of Instruction.


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FIA is basically to test your instruction skills, is that right?



I wouldn’t say the FIA is to test your instruction skills but to hone in on the fundamentals of flying plus the mathematical equations you’ll see on any other written like weight & balance, performance calculations, etc. I believe the one you’re probably thinking is the FOI, Fundamentals of Instructing. I’m currently going through the FIA written now and it’s theoretically the same questions you learn from the PAR, maybe a little more detailed here and there…like dynamic or static stability or slotted vs. leading edge flaps. The other difference between the two is the FIA is a 100 questions compared to the FOI’s 50.

Also Andre, for reference of where I found the data, the FAA has an entire matrix of all writtens out there: