Finally taking steps for dream career I have a question for qualifications?

Hi my name is Miguel and ive always wanted to be a pilot since I was little. Now I just turned 27 in december and im a online college student at southern new hampshire university because i know its important to have a degree if i want to make it to the majors. I am a over the road truck driver so i travel all 48 states and i love to travel I started this job because i knew i was going to need capital and a good amount I got 20k saved up so far i want to give a good down payment then get my father involve to help me get a loan i got a sallie mae approval that all i need is a cosigner and i get approved. But i know ill make it happen any way possible the only thing that worry me is I have a 4 year old dui i made a mistake a horrible mistake I thought no trucking company would give me a chance but i found many all you need is time from it happen but I wanted to see if you guys see my outlook to persue my dreams a reality or a illusion being my age and that horrible thing on my record thanks for the feedback ahead of time and sorry i made it a bit long._

Hello Miguel,

A DUI is no small thing (and it’s good you recognize that). The good news is it’s not a deal breaker. The best thing you can do (actually the thing you MUST do) is continue to keep your nose clean. You shouldn’t have a problem when it comes to the Regionals. When it comes up during an interview (and it will) make it clear you understand the gravity of your mistake. That can be best demonstrated by not repeating it, EVER or any other infractions. The airline wants to insure it won’t happen again and nothing negates your claim that it won’t more than continued bad behavior. Now when it comes to a Major that might make it a little more challenging. Fortunately by then more time would have passed and if you’ve continued to not have any issues you should (?) be ok? It might take a few tries and you might not even get to your first choice but you might? Most important with hard work you should be able to realize your dream.


Awesome thank you for the feedback and support and yes I’m looking to
enroll at atp by the summer and yea I thought that would be the case time
and no other offense to show understanding of the gravity of what happen
and my age is not a problem is it to get into this career a lot of people
say I’m still in my prime to make the move. Thanks again for the comment.